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Discover Life at Powder Mountain

Unparalleled Outdoor Adventure

Have You Seen What's Happening at Powder Mountain?

When Summit’s community of entrepreneurs, innovators, thought leaders and artists rallied to save Powder Mountain from the scourge of massive overdevelopment in 2013 they countered with a simple vision: keep Powder Mountain’s. magical experience intact by harnessing its natural beauty, and making it a year-round place for their purpose-driven community to gather, play, plan, learn, create and innovate.

Over the past six years, thanks to the Summit Series community, this mountain hideaway is now home to the largest resort in North America, and one of the most creative and innovative communities on the planet.

In 2013, Summit’s global tribe of innovators, artists, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and philanthropists rescued the resort from the fate of massive overdevelopment, scaling its future down to a small mountaintop village centered around a reverence for nature, smart sustainable design, and a purpose-driven community that lives intentionally.

Today, Summit Powder Mountain is fast becoming a year-round gathering place, where ideas are shared, plans are hatched, and adventures are embarked upon. It’s the perfect place for outdoor lovers and life-long learners to engage with each other to improve the world around them. With a variety of living options,  there’s something for everyone. Come and learn how this community will help you unlock your potential.