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Agent Resource Portal

Agent Resource Portal

Welcome to our Agent Resource Portal. This portal will provide unbranded marketing materials, an FAQ guide and additional resources for you to help articulate and share Summit Powder Mountain’s unique selling propositions. Questions? Need additional information? Contact our Director of Sales, Brian Williams at 435.602.0217

Link: Summit Powder Mountain Overview Booklet

Link: What Press Has to Say about Summit Powder Mountain

Link: 2021 Neighbor Membership Book

Link: Buyer and Process Guide

Neighborhood Guides & Price Lists

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Link: 7557 Horizon Run Road

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes SPM unique?  SPM differentiates itself from other mountain communities by their three Unique Selling Propositions which are:

  1. A place for purposeful living, an intentional community.
  2. A place of Heritage Modern Architecture
  3. A place of uncrowded, outdoor adventure.

What is an intentional community?  An intentional community is a planned residential community from the start to have a high degree of social cohesion and teamwork.  Many times, the owners will have a degree of like-mindedness

Is there a name for the unique Architecture at Summit Powder Mountain?  Yes!  We call it Heritage Modernism.  This is an architectural modern aesthetic guided by an ethos that views architecture as subservient to the natural landscape.  It allows for inventive modern designs and shapes softened with natural elements avoiding the brutality of the traditional modern look consisting of mostly concrete and steel.

What recreation and adventure opportunities exist atop Summit Powder Mountain? Our owners enjoy four seasons of recreation, with access to 10,000 acres as their backyard playground, to hike, bike, ski, snowboard and climb.  Powder Mountain is North America’s largest ski resort with 8,500 skiable acres.  Offering both inbound and outbound Cat skiing and Heli skiing in the adjacent 70,000 acres of back country.  Powder Mountain caps ski tickets at only 1500 per day making Powder Mountain the most uncrowded resort in America.  

What types of real estate are offered for sale?  Summit Powder Mountain offers custom homesites for those that would like to design and build their mountain estate, built townhomes, and build to suit cabins.  

Powder Mountain limits ski passes, and season passes sell out at record speeds, how do you guarantee ski passes to the homeowners at Summit Powder Mountain? Membership can be purchased in addition to HOA dues annually.  Membership guarantees season passes.  Details are available by CLICKING HERE.

Are you offering a Buyer’s Agent Commission?  Yes, all Developer inventory will be paid a 3% BAC at closing.  Call for details on additional Realtor Commission incentives.

How can I register my Buyer?  CLICK HERE to register your Buyer with the Development Team.

What amenities exist for my Buyer today?  The Sky Lodge is a Member’s-only lodge which doubles as an event space upon request.  Food and beverage are offered in this facility during certain times.  The Arbor Lodge, located in the valley, is used for larger conference type events, weddings, and more.

What future amenities will be available?  Summit Powder Mountain will be building a Member’s-only Clubhouse near the Village Lift .  The building is designed and we will be commencing construction soon!

What will the Village build-out consist of?  Picture….farm to table restaurants, bars, spas and co-working spaces.  Organic retail stores including a small grocer.  The village will host townhomes and stacked flat condo projects with amenities of their own.  Outdoor social spaces with a vibe similar to the High Line in NYC.

What is the average cost of ownership?  

  • Property Taxes and typical homeownership costs.
  • HOA
    • Master HOA – 2021 – $3625 annually
    • Neighborhood HOA’s range between $3,000-$,4,500 annually
  • Membership
    • Membership is optional and paid in addition to HOA Dues.  Membership is $3850 annually, and you can access the current Membership opportunities by CLICKING HERE.
  • 1.5% HOA Transfer Fee
    • This ONLY applies to resales.  When purchasing directly from the Developer this fee is waived.
  • Weber. County Assessment Bond
    • The 2021 balance is approximately $17,000 and can be paid in full at closing or a yearly payment of $1950.00 until 2032 can be made.  This is a Buyer expense.

What is the process of writing an offer?  There is a Developer Contract on all Developer inventory with typical Earnest Money Deposit and Deadlines.  The Developer contract is per neighborhood and can be obtained from the Sales Manager, Courtney Williams. The Utah State forms are to be used on any other transaction.

How is Summit Powder Mountain related to Summit Series?  The project was conceptualized by members of the Summit community and funds were crowd sourced for the initial purchase of the mountain resort.  Many of our earliest purchasers have been associated with Summit and chose to buy after attending an event on the mountain.  Events are held on a regular basis.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

  • Real Estate Questions:
    Brian Williams, Director of Real Estate Sales x Associate Broker
    Phone: 435-602-0217
  • Membership Questions:
    George Vitolo, Director of Membership
  • HOA & Architectural Review Committee Questions:
    Courtney Williams, Sales Manager