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A Brief History of Powder Mountain

Epically picturesque and pristine, Powder Mountain has welcomed outdoor revelers for generations. In the early 20th century, Frederick Cobabe accumulated 8,000 acres of Wasatch Mountain land as range for his sheep herd. His son Alvin eventually purchased the livestock company and land from him, turning it into a ski resort in 1972, after acquiring another 6,000 acres.

Powder Mountain is home to incredible side-country and cat-ski options, including Powder Mountain.

The resort became a coveted local’s destination, dedicated to ski lovers, not the elite. In 2006, at age 88, Dr. Alvin Cobabe sold the resort to Western American Holdings, who gave the mountain’s reins to Powder Mountain Resort Management, LLC.

In 2013, Summit Series co-founders and two venture capitalists purchased the resort with the intention of retaining its history, ecosystem, and authentic character. Powder Mountain was expanded to its current 8,464-acres of skiable terrain, with every step pursued in an ecologically conscious manner. It has become the nation’s largest multi-season ski resort by acreage and boasts outdoor recreations and activities year-round.

Ground was broken on a master-planned community in 2016. This development involving an interconnected trail system, 500 residences, hotels, restaurants, shops, event spaces, and more was thoughtfully and sustainably planned to ensure Powder Mountain remains unspoiled for all future generations.

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