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Category: FAQ’s

    Concierge Services at Powder Mountain

    By Courtney Williams | January 2, 2020

    Take advantage of our concierge services during your Powder Mountain stay… Feel free to reach out to our team with any additional questions or requests by contacting our concierge team directly via email at or via phone (call or text) at 801-603-9909. Wednesday – Sunday. Monday and Tuesday by special advanced reservation only. Available from 8:00... Read More

    How does Summit Powder Mountain’s philosophy of stewardship align with the mountain?

    By Courtney Williams | December 11, 2019

    There is no disconnect between our philosophy as a resort and resort community and how we treat our mountain. Our foundational philosophy is based in protecting the mountain and its natural environs. A major motivating factor in acquiring Powder Mountain was to save it from the planned overdevelopment of its previous owners, which included a master plan that was... Read More

    What are Summit Powder Mountain’s environmental policies and sustainability efforts?

    By Courtney Williams | December 7, 2019

    The Summit Powder Mountain development is designed to make a minimal environmental impact and preserve the mountain’s ecosystem. We’ve also added a full-time Ecosystem Specialist with over 40 years of experience to our team. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Master of Science in Forestry and Ph.D. in Biology, and is a retired Professor of Forest... Read More

    What’s going on with Powder Mountain’s water rights?

    By Courtney Williams | December 7, 2019

    After undergoing a highly scrutinized and collaborative process to obtain and fully utilize our water rights, we gained approval through the State Engineer by meeting and complying with – and continuing to meet and comply with – specific, required mitigation measures and conditions. These measures involved developing a plan that utilized the existing 400 acres/foot of water already owned... Read More

    How Powder Mountain is helping the Eden Community and Counties like Weber and Cache

    By Courtney Williams | December 2, 2019

    Since taking ownership of Powder Mountain, we’ve helped ski operations grow consistently, offering more seasonal and full-time job opportunities to the residents of Ogden Valley and surrounding communities while helping Powder Mountain remain an economically viable, independent resort. We’ve created around 80 jobs through our resort offerings, plus provided job opportunities for people in the... Read More

    Concierge FAQ’s

    By Courtney Williams | December 2, 2019

    Powder Mountain’s concierge service is here to help all members and guests with their personalized requests, from babysitting and pet boarding to planning activities, adventures, transportation, grocery services, guided tours and more. Here’s what to know about our service. 24-hour lead time is appreciated for all requests. Contact us by emailing: or via phone (call... Read More

    How is Summit Powder Mountain limiting resource consumption on the mountain?

    By Courtney Williams | December 1, 2019

    Our Design Guidelines promote the responsible development of residences on Powder Mountain. Specifically, we incorporate the ICC-700 National Green Building Standard (similar to LEED certification), which speaks to energy efficiency, water conservation, and other green practices. Development plans limit residential building sizes, incorporating small homes and micro-units into the core of our future Village to... Read More

    What is the relationship between Powder Mountain and Summit Series?

    By Courtney Williams | December 1, 2019

    Summit Series and Powder Mountain are two distinctly different organizations. Powder Mountain is a mountain resort and community-owned by a joint venture between the founders of Summit Series and two venture capitalists who live seasonally in Eden, Utah. Our deep commitment to preserving Powder Mountain’s delicate ecosystem impacts every aspect of the Powder Mountain development... Read More

    Road Rules and Safe Driving Tips for Driving to Powder Mountain (HWY 158)

    By Courtney Williams | November 9, 2019

    Did you know Powder Mountain Road (HWY 158) is one of the steepest roads in America? With a consistent grade of 14%, HWY 158 can be tricky to drive, especially during snowy winter conditions. In order to ensure your safety please abide by the new Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) Snow Traction Policy below. All-wheel drive and... Read More