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Don’t Blow Your Next Ski Vacation

Blowout crowds at the country’s top resorts have been earning a lot of worrisome headlines of late. Both big juggernauts in the ski resort biz, Alterra Mountain Co. and Vail Resorts, have been enjoying great success with the popularity of their IKON and EPIC passes. And while that may be good for their shareholders it’s increasingly becoming a disaster for those who actually like to ski on their vacations.  Crowds are up significantly, and there’s no sign of it getting better. This was Vail  Mountain in early February…      


Fortunately, Powder Mountain is privately owned by a community of enthusiasts committed to preserving its long-cherished status as a respite from the insanity.  Not only do we refuse to participate in any of those national pass programs, we’ve actually doubled down on our crowd control efforts by setting a strict limit of 1500 daily tickets. Mix that with our 8400 acres of terrain, including our wide variety of inbound adventure stuff like CAT skiing and Powder Country, and you’ve got yourself some serious terrain to yourself. This is why Powder Mountain consistently ranks as one of the best values in skiing. 

Try this next time 

Welcome to Powder Mountain


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  • Shivani Dubey
    Written on

    This is spot on! These giant ski-opolies are making it less enjoyable to go to the big resorts. Congratulations on taking advantage of the disaster they created. Also thank you for being mindful and setting caps so everyone can enjoy and have fun!

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