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Our Sustainable Design Commitment to Powder Mountain

Mitigating our environmental impact is at the forefront of everything we do at Powder Mountain. Our foundational philosophy is to preserve the exquisite ecosystem that makes this place one of the most enchanting, inspiring places on the planet.

Powder Mountain’s pristine snow is 100% natural, which is why it’s the lightest, fluffiest stuff around.

Within our community, ecologically driven design and development ensures the ethereal landscape and all it protects will remain safe and pristine for centuries to come.

Our master plan is limited to a small percentage of overall property acreage, retaining 80% of our Weber County lands as open space for residents and visitors to revel in. As well, the entire plan was heavily vetted by various wildlife and environmental agencies and groups.

Our team’s full-time Ecosystem Specialist has over 40 years of experience and helps us keep our resource consumption to a bare minimum. On-mountain, we limit our environmental impact in many ways, such as providing fresh drinking water and eliminating plastic bottles, creating an efficient trail and lift network, doing minimal grooming and only when necessary, plus using only the fresh powder provided to us naturally, because making snow is the largest use of water and energy for most resorts.

To help offset any impact, we’ve planted 5,000 trees, spearheaded reforestation after an insect blight damaged the surrounding fir trees and put over 1,400 acres of land on the east bench of the Ogden Valley into a conservation easement.

Conservation is our core here at Powder Mountain, and forever will be.

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