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Powder Mountain’s Commitment to a Crowd Free Skiing Experience

With more than 8400 acres of skiable terrain and the tightest set of ticket sales in the industry, Powder Mountain’s commitment to a crowd-free experience is unprecedented.


Does this story sound familiar? After spending a small fortune on travel, lodging, and ski equipment, you tell yourself it will all be worthwhile so long as you can nab a few good turns in decent powder. You’re willing to crack it early and get the first chair, but your kids laugh you off. They don’t do the early rise thing while on vacation.

Nevertheless, you get on the hill at a semi-respectable 9:00 am, where hundreds of skiers just like you are wedging themselves into the ropes that funnel toward the chair. For the next 30 -45 minutes, you battle the herd, inching forward amid the squeaky chorus. 

 Is this your idea of a ski vacation?

Once finally atop the hill, your soul is pleading for a moment of stillness to absorb the view, but greed and panic have already set in. During the chair ride, you noticed last night’s fresh snow already disappearing. Instead of absorbing the moment, you race to scavenge what’s left. By 11:00 am everything is chopped to hell and you’ve only got two runs under your belt. Congratulations. Your mission is over.   

Welcome to the world of the open-access ski pass.

Fortunately, at Powder Mountain, we refuse to let this happen. Since 1972, we’ve proudly avoided attracting the masses. And today, more than ever, our undying commitment to “preserving the pow” is stronger than ever. That’s why we’ve set strict daily-limit of ticket-sales to 1500 — the tightest in the industry. And when you consider that minuscule crowd has the largest mountain in North America to go explore, with 8,400-acres of skiable terrain, that means there’s incredible room to move, and far more time skiing than waiting in lift lines.

Powder Mountain and the uncrowded experience you’re looking for 

“Even on sold out days the crowd is non-existent,” says Derek Taylor, a longtime local and former editor of Powder Magazine. “For Powder Mountain to leave money on the table like that to preserve the experience is really unique, and pretty incredible in this day and age. Most places are tracked out or bumped out within hours, but at Powder, the snow stays good as long as the weather stays cold. That’s one of the reasons I fell in love with this place.”

“This place speaks for itself,” says Darcy Bingham, a resident of the new Summit Powder Mountain village. “Yesterday was sold out and the longest we waited was 15 minutes. And it was as bluebird and beautiful as it gets. You can’t even describe it in words.”    

Beyond the crowd control issue, one more reason Powder Mountain doesn’t participate in all-access ski pass programs is it’s already affordable. In fact, Powder Mountain regularly ranks as one of the best values in the entire ski industry. A trip here isn’t only easy because of our proximity to Salt Lake International airport, staying and playing here is a fraction of the price you’ll pay at the stuffed, swanky, high-end resorts.

So if you’re looking for an incredible skiing experience at a great value, check us out and reserve your spot soon, that way we don’t have to turn you away…because we will.

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