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Hiking and Biking Trails

The incredible views on Powder Mountain’s trails stop many in their tracks

Here at Powder Mountain, winter is our season. With the most skiable acreage of any resort in the U.S., our empty hills filled with powder are the reason we’re a favorite of skiers and snowboarders in the know. But over the past few years, we’ve been building out our access to trails year-round, making Powder Mountain a wonderful alpine playground when the hills turn green.

Since 2016, we’ve built and maintained more than 30 miles of world-class freely accessible trails for the outdoor community. Trail users can check out the mountain’s mind-blowing views and awe-inspiring natural habitat, and it’s easy to take to the trails by two wheels or two feet.

While enjoyed by the Powder Mountain community, these trails are free and open to the public, and provide exhilarating recreation opportunities for riders of all skill levels. They also help alleviate overcrowding on the Ogden Valley trail networks, while offering some epic rides and vistas.

“When we first started the new trail network in ’16, our whole team came out to help, along with some generous volunteers from the community,” says General Manager Mark Schroetel. “It was great to see everyone rally together to help create something we can all enjoy for decades to come – and this is just the beginning. Ongoing trail building is a major part of our Powder Mountain master plan.”

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So far, we’ve invested approximately $700,000 on the planning and construction of the trail network, plus an average of $100,000 annually to maintain existing trails and build brand new ones. It truly takes a village to do this, including the generosity of the Walton Family Foundation, who provided a $100,000 grant to help fund the project.

Trails can be accessed from Timberline Lodge, Hidden Lake Lodge, and the Summit Powder Mountain Village. Trail maps are easy to find in these areas also. If you’re new to the sport, or even trying out mountain biking for the first time, rent a bike at Hidden Lake Lodge or Diamond Peak Mountain Sports nearby.

Whether taking a leisurely hike or coursing down some singletrack on your bike, check out our trails this spring, summer, and fall. Keep visiting too, you may find a new one to explore.

Powder Mountain Hike & Bike Trails

The Powder Mountain trails are open to the public.  The trails are for hiking and biking only; motorized vehicles and horses are prohibited.  The 30+ miles of trails can be subject to closure due to races, trail maintenance and/or damages. Ride responsibly,  wear helmets while riding, and avoid riding alone. Please respect  all signs and use proper trail etiquette. The trails are unpatrolled with no first-aid services available.  In the case of an emergency please call 911.