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Neighborhoods at Summit Powder Mountain

When Summit’s community of entrepreneurs, innovators, thought leaders and artists rallied to save Powder Mountain from the scourge of massive overdevelopment in 2013 they countered with a simple vision: keep Powder Mountain’s magical experience intact by harnessing its natural beauty, and making it a year-round place for their purpose-driven community to gather, play, plan, learn, create and innovate.



Welcome to the very top of Powder Mountain.  The Overlook is the premier neighborhood for any vista view aficionado. Live just feet from the stars above and see the world below from the very top of Summit Powder Mountain. Located within walking distance from the core of the Village, residents will find themselves on top of the world at 9,000 feet. Surrounded on all sides by ski slopes, Overlook offers the best ski-in-ski-out homesite neighborhood ever to be found. More than 30 miles of hiking and biking trails adjoin the neighborhood, and fields of wildflowers can be found as far as the eyes can see. Overlook encompasses what moving to the mountains means and is the essence of living on top of the world.

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The Horizon neighborhood on Summit Powder Mountain is simultaneously modest and monumental. It was designed by award-winning architect Brian Mackay-Lyons, creator of his own intentional community back in Nova Scotia, where he’s from. These Heritage Modern Cabins are clustered just away from the village, where they pay homage to the Summit’s appreciation for community, ecology, and creativity. They’re available in four different models, highlighting variation within their unity. With a community kitchen, gym, fire pit, and ski lockers at the Pioneer cabin, it’s a neighborhood specifically designed for social gatherings. From its perch, residents enjoy views of nearby slopes, the Ogden Valley, Salt Lake Basin, and the rest of the Wasatch Range.

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Imagine spending evenings on your terrace enjoying the spectacular vistas seen only from the top of Powder Mountain. From here you’ll enjoy unimpeded long views of the surrounding mountains and Salt Lake Basin, perhaps even catching a glimpse of the elk and moose that roam among the aspen and pine. The thoughtful design of this Heritage Modern Townhome wrapped in reclaimed wood siding and a metal roof reinforces the natural, peaceful setting you can soon call home. Live luxuriously in the heart of Powder Mountain with direct access to pristine ski slopes. Located adjacent to the future lively Village, entertainment options and outstanding views are just the beginning of life in these townhomes.

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Surrounded by calls to adventure, inspiring settings, and a diverse, collaborative community Powder Mountain could be much more than just a secret playground for skiers and adventurers. It would become an idea hub where solutions to problems big and small emerge on a chairlift rides to the top, hikes overlooking the Ogden Valley, or long-table outdoor dining with neighbors.

Of course, Powder Mountain’s stunning beauty had to be paired with a smart physical design for this vision to become a reality, so Summit’s leaders searched the world for inspiration. They were introduced to several prestigious architects and planners during their due diligence, who counseled them on every aspect of ecological design.

Ultimately, that task of deciding where the Village core would be was handed to Dr. Phil Taub, a professor at Texas A&M who’s a leader in New Urbanism and considered by planning-world peers to be a ’sacred geometrist.’ He and his graduate students walked for three days around Powder’s 10,000 acres to find the perfect location. On the backside of the resort, just underneath the ridge, they found a spot where three separate bowls intersect and feeling its feminine energy, they knew they’d found their spot. It offers horizontal access to the entire resort, and panoramic views of the surrounding Wasatch Mountains, nearby alpine meadows, and both the Ogden Valley and Salt Lake Basin below.

Phil’s vision was then merged with Summit’s assembly of planning experts, resulting in a walkable core that would preserve open space, surrounded by clustered neighborhoods. By scale, it would take the shape of a small mining town, like Telluride, with just 1500 feet separating the core from the outer ring. And to avoid the familiar fate of ski resorts marred by huge mansions and shopping malls they committed to a clustered local grid, strict aesthetic guidelines, and stringent size restrictions.

Today, the bones of the Village core are in place, with townhomes, cabins, and custom homesites all sprouting up nearby. Here’s a breakdown of the various neighborhoods.

The Horizon cabins are modest monuments on Powder Mountain. They pay homage to Summit’s commitment to high design, big adventure, and tight-knit communities.
The scenic views from the Overlook neighborhood at Summit Powder Mountain are simply unparalleled.