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Summit Series

Summit Overview from Summit on Vimeo.

The Summit Series was founded in 2008 by 20-something co-founders Elliot Bisnow, Jeff Rosenthal, Brett Leve, and Jeremy Schwartz.

Today, Summit’s invite-only events attract thousands each year</strong. Entrepreneurs, academics, athletes, artists, astronauts, authors, chefs, engineers, explorers, philanthropists, spiritual leaders, scientists, and beyond have all joined to become part of an aspirational community steeped in learning, listening, integrity and quality of life (not to mention entertainment and self-expression). And their impact is far-reaching.

The Summit community is making a very positive impact on the future of Powder Mountain.

In 2013, the Summit community rallied to save Powder Mountain from the corporate fate that far too many ski resorts have fallen victim to. After learning of its plight, and experiencing first hand its undeniable magic, they rallied to purchase the mountain in order to make it a year-round community gathering place and protect its hallowed status as an uncrowded hidden gem. By integrating the very ecological and environmental principles they espouse, their development plans adhere to strict guidelines.

Since taking control of the mountain, the Summit community has added 1000 extra acres of skiable terrain and 30 miles of new hiking and biking trails. Today, with its 8400 acres of skiable terrain, it’s the largest mountain in North America, and yet its unique inverted topography allows it to service it all with just six lifts. In addition, they’ve implemented the strictest skier caps in the industry to ensure the Powder ski experience is as memorable as ever.

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The Summit Powder Mountain Story from Chris Mauro on Vimeo.